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DEPECHE MODE "Exciter - Remixes VOL.2" CD [LCDSTUMM190R]

DEPECHE MODE "Exciter - Remixes VOL.2" CD [LCDSTUMM190R]

Limited edition second promo CD with another rare remixes. Released by Venusnote Limited, Cat.# LCDSTUMM190R. Contain regular jewel case with custom sleeve and back insert. Made in E.U. Original pressed CD (Not a CD-R copy!)

1. Dream On (Dance Remix) 
2. Shine (Red Night Mix) 
3. When The Body Speaks (Extended Mix) 
4. The Dead Of Night (Rip Mix) 
5. Freelove (Jonny dollar) 
6. I Feel Loved (Brat Dub) 
7. Easy Tiger (tool mix) 
8. Dream On (Pink Noise Club Mix) 
9. Freelove (deep dish mix) 
10. I Am You (Distorted) 
11. I Feel Loved (Brat 7" mix) 
12. Freelove (Infusion)
13. Turning Away (Unlereased Exciter Track) 
14. Pontyal Girl (Unlereased Exciter Track) 
15. Named (Unlereased Exciter Track)

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