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DEPECHE MODE "Demos, Rough Mixes & Studio Outtakes" 2CD set

DEPECHE MODE "Demos, Rough Mixes & Studio Outtakes" 2CD set

Unique 2CD set with rare DM songs, demos, outtakes and other rare mixes. It's CD-R's because this compilation never Released on pressed CDs. Excellent sound quality! Great for DM fans and collectors!!!

1. Told You So (Gore Demo)
2. Pipeline (Gore Demo)
3. And Then (Gore Demo)
4. Love In Itself (Gore Demo)
5. Lie To Me (Gore Demo)
6. If You Want (Wilder Demo)
7. Master & Servant (Studio Outtake)
8. Stories Of Old (Studio Outtake)
9. Shake The Disease (Gore Demo)
10. It's Called A Heart (Rough Mix)
11. Fly On TheWindscreen (Rough Mix)
12. Here Is The House (Gore Demo)

1.Strangelove (Rough Mix)
2. Agent Orange (Rough Mix)
2. Sacred (Rough Mix)
3. Sacred (Rough Mix)
4. I Want You Now (Studio Outtake)
5.Behind The Wheel (Rough Mix)
6. Enjoy The Silence (Gore Demo)
7.Memphisto (Gore Demo)
8. Sibeling (Gore Demo)
9. Halo (Rough Mix)
10. Interlude #3 (Studio Outtake)
11. Down In The Boondocks (Counterfeit Outtake)
12. Postulate (Wilder Hydrology Demo)

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