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DEPECHE MODE "A Broken Frame - LIVE" CD [soundboard]

DEPECHE MODE "A Broken Frame - LIVE" CD [soundboard]
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Rare CD Released in 2002. Made in England. Soundboard quality!!!. Redorded Live in England 1982. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

1. My secret garden
2. See you
3. Sattelite
4. New life
5. Boys say go!
6. Tora! tora! tora!
7. Nothing to fear
8. Ice machine
9. The meaning of love
10. Just cant get enough
11. A photograph of you
12. Shout
13. Photographic

“A broken frame - live” is live Depeche Mode record that was released in 1982. CD was remastered in 2002. I Depeche Mode is still one of the most popular alternative groups playing at joint of rock and electronic music. Old, innocent sound of the disc brings you back in times when all musicians of DM were so young! Record could be interesting to all fans and collectors of Depeche Mode’s music.

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