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DEPECHE MODE "Black Celebration" (Remixes) CDSTUMM26R CD

DEPECHE MODE "Black Celebration" (Remixes) CDSTUMM26R CD

Import CD released in 2005. Made In EU. Original CD (Not a CDR!) CDSTUMM26R

1. Black Celebration - Techno Pop Club Version
2. Fly On The Windscreen - I See Dead People Mix
3. A Question Of Lust - One-Night-Stand Dub version
4. Sometimes - Paris Mix
5. It Doesn't Matter Two - Electric Dub Version
6. A Question Of Time - Techno Pop Club Mix
7. Stripped - Electric Dub Version
8. Here Is The House - Synthetic Symphony Mix
9. World Full Of Nothing - Empty Mix
10. Dressed In Black - Waltz Version
11. New Dress - Emulator Mix
12. But Not Tonight - Flying High Mix
13. Breathing In Fumes - Tube Edit
14. Black Day - Piano edit
15. Christmas Island - edit
16. Shake the disease - painkiller mix
17. Its called a heart - progressive version

All remixes previously unreleased.

This original CD is an excellent compilation of remixes for fans and collectors of Depeche Mode music. All remixes were not released until then and are rather rare. Personal lyrics here is mixed with rather uplifting music. It can become real highlight for those who like electronic music, synth pop and rock.

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