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COCTEAU TWINS "Live In Boston 1995" CD

COCTEAU TWINS "Live In Boston 1995" CD

Rare Limited Edition CD. Released in the E.U. It's printed CD-R release only
Great item for fans and collectors! Contains plastic box, info and tracklist.

01. Fifty Fifty Clown
02. Calfskin Smack
03. Watchlar
04. Touch Upon Touch
05. Treasure Hiding
06. Ella Megalast
07. Pitch The Baby
08. Wax & Wane
09. Aloysius
10. I Wear Your Ring
11. Summerhead
12. Seekers Who Are Lovers
13. Iceblink Luck
14. Violaine
15. Pandora
16. Pur
17. Blue Bell Knoll
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