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CHILLY Greatest Hits 2CD set in digipack

CHILLY Greatest Hits 2CD set in digipack
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2CD set in digipack (special card box limited edition)
Limited edition 500 copies only were made in digipack.
Original CD, not burned CD-R copy

1. Sunshine Of Your Love
2. We Are The Popkings
3. Play Me A Classic Symphony
4. For Your Love And For Your Love Suite
5. Come To L.A.
6. Showbiz
7. Ten Million Dollar Baby
8. Dance With Me
9. Heartattack In My Cadillac
10. Doll Queen
11. Gotta Move On
12. Johnny Loves Jenny
13. Secret Lies
14. The Race
15. Peep Peep
16. Sensation
17. Two Wrong Don’t Make A Right
18. Runaround
19. Sacrifice
20. Love On The Rebound
1. Better Stop
2. Rock’n’Roll Sally
3. Get Up And Move
4. Simply A Love Song
5. C’mon Baby
6. Come Let’s Go
7. Soulflashback
8. Hide
9. Springtime
10. Love Love Love
11. Brain Storming
12. Days
13. Layla
14. Key Of Love
15. Energy
16. Goo Goo Eyes
17. I hear You Knocking
18. Dimension 5
19. Friday on my mind
20. Rosi Rice
21. Have Some Fun Tonight
22. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore
23. Thank you

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