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BON JOVI "Live In Toronto 2006" 2CD set

BON JOVI "Live In Toronto 2006" 2CD set

Rare Limited Edition Audio 2CD set. Printed CD-R release only!
Not released as pressed CD. Great item for fans and collectors!!!
Contains slim plastic box, all info and tracks are printed on CDs (no inserts).

1. Intro
2. Last Man Standing
3. You Give Love a Bad Name
4. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
5. Runaway
6. Just Older
7. Complicated
8. Born To Be My Baby
9. Story Of My Life
10. Wild Is The Wind
11. Novocaine
12. I Won't Back Down
13. Have a Nice Day
14. Who Says You Can't Go Home

15. It's My Life
16. I'll Be There For You
18. Bed Of Roses
19. Bad Medicine. Gloria. Bad Medicine
20. Raise Your Hands
21. Livin' On A Prayer
22. Crowd
23. Welcome To Wherever You Are
24. Blood On Blood
25. Keep The Faith
26. Crowd 2
27. Treat Her Right
28. WDOA

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