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BEYONCE "I Am..Yours" CD+DVD set in digipack

BEYONCE "I Am..Yours" CD+DVD set in digipack

Limited edition CD/DVD set in digipack. Released in the EU. DVD Region-FREE: (R0), Original Item (Not burned copy!)

1. Hello
2. Halo
3. Irreplaceable
4. Sweet Dreams Medley
5. If I Were A Boy
6. Scared Of Lonely
7. That's Why You're Beautiful
8. Satellites
9. Resentment
10. Deja Vu Jazz Medley
11. Deja Vu
12. Work It Out
13. Bonnie & Clyde
14. Crazy In Love
15. Naughty Girl
16. Get Me Bodied
17. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
18. Finale

Act One: Intimate...
Scene One: Hello Introduction
Scene Two: Halo
Scene Three: Irreplaceable
Scene Four: Sweet Dreams Medley
Scene Five: If I Were A Boy
Scene Six: Scared Of Lonely
Scene Seven: That's Why You're Beautiful
Scene Eight: Satellites
Scene Nine: Resentment

Deja Vu Jazz Medley
Deja Vu
Tap Sequence

Acto Two: Story Telling
Scene One: I Wanna Be Where You Are
Scene Two: Destiny's Child
Scene Three: Beyonce
Scene Four: Single Ladies

Bonus Feature: "What Happens In Vegas.."
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