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ATB "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack

ATB "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack

2CD set in digipack (special card box limited edition)
Limited edition 500 copies only were made in digipack.
Original CD, not burned CD-R copy

1. 9 Pm (Till I Come)
2. What About Us
3. Feel Alive
4. You're Not Alone
5. Humanity
6. L.A. Nights
7. The Fields Of Love (ATB Feat. York)
8. Ecstasy
9. Renegade
10. Killer 2000
11. Communicate (ATB Pres. Jades)
12. Believe In Me
13. Marrakesh
14. The Summer
15. I Don't Wanna Stop
16. Hold You
17. Don't Stop
18. In Love With The DJ

1. Wrong Medication (ATB Pres Jades)
2. Behind (ATB Pres Flanders)
3. Justify
4. Let You Go (2005 Reworked)
5. My Everything
6. Summer Rain
7. Long Way Home
8. Luminescene (ATB Pres Josh Gallahan)
9. Take Me Over
10. Intencity
11. See U Again
12. Sunset Girl
13. Desperate Religion
14. Here With Me
16. Far Beyond
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